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Shanxi Tianhe Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, and is located in the national energy and heavy chemical industry base -- Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Shanxi Tianhe Chemical Co., Ltd. is professional chemical company providing base with supporting services. The company has Grade A dangerous chemicals business qualification (Shanxi safe economy (A)[2010]001952Y1), is granted as safety standard class three standard unit by Shanxi Province Administration of Work Safety, and is the sole distributor of Canada Asl Sulfur and the designated dealer of Henkel Loctite (China) Co., Ltd.

The main products of Shanxi Tianhe Chemical Co., Ltd. are 96% caustic soda, 99% caustic soda, sulfur, 32% ionic membrane alkali liquor, 50% ionic membrane alkali liquor, soda ash, adhesive series, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, etc. We also operate industrial naphthalene, coal tar, hydrogenation benzene, phthalic anhydride, methanol, calcium chloride, polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide and other products.

Since the establishment, under the care of the provincial and municipal leaders, the leadership of Shanxi Province Chemical Industry Association, and the support of the peers, Tianhe Chemical adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, virtue first, integrity-based, innovation, unity and forging ahead" to growth healthily and has formed strategic partner and information resource sharing unit with hundreds of domestic enterprises in development.

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